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After-sales service

After-sales service / Reparations

Our machinery commercial service has an after sale service. The repair department offers advice and answers, drawing up an action plan that meets the needs of our clients.

We are aware of the expense derived from the breakdowns, so we solve the incidents as quickly as possible, either in plant or by means of remote assistance, especially the equipment that we market. MIRPACK has a stock of products to replace bearings in record time.

Our technical staff is qualified to provide electrical as well as mechanical services, with success guaranteed.

Preventive maintenance

In the service provided we have included the possibility of hiring our Preventive Maintenance service. A series of preset visits that allow to maintain in optimal conditions the lines of production achieving:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime due to lack of maintenance.
  • Reduce long-term maintenance costs.
  • Increase equipment productivity.
  • Extend the lifetime of machinery.


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